Booking Conditions

All The Fine Print... 

Once you have made a booking on a Grasshopper Self-guided tour and your booking is confirmed, you will be required to make a deposit payment to Grasshopper Adventures within 48 hours of making your booking. Deposit amounts are listed on each tour's web page. Failure to pay the deposit amount will mean we may re-assign the resources to other Self-guided tours. The main payment for the trip is due 2 months before the tour starts. Booking made less than 2 months before the tour start date will require full payment. 

Tour Inclusions
Each Grasshopper Self-guided tour includes a Lynskey Cooper titanium bike, emergency GPS trackers, a supplied iPad and the Grasshopper Self-guided app, meal recommendations, luggage transfers and accommodation. These details are included on the tours web page. Grasshopper Adventures reserves the right to change inclusions as listed due to operational or other factors.

Cancellation By You
Should you (the client) choose to cancel a booking, Grasshopper Adventures must be notified in writing or by email. 

The following cancellation fees apply for our Grasshopper Self-guided tours

  • More than 60 days before departure: loss of 10% of tour cost.
  • 32 to 59 days before departure: loss of 40% of tour cost.
  • 31 days or less before departure: loss of 80% of tour cost.

No refund will be made should you voluntarily leave a tour early. 

The following cancellation fees apply for any extra bookings such as hotels and transport bookings (excluding flights): 

  • More than 60 days before departure: loss of 50% of booking cost.
  • 59 days or less before departure: no refund. 

The following cancellation conditions apply for our any extra flight bookings
Every airline has different booking conditions, so refunds on flights is dependant on what we are able to achieve. Any money refunded will be subject to service fees to be determined by Grasshopper Adventures. 

Cancellation by Grasshopper Adventures
In the event that Grasshopper Adventures cancel a trip, notification will be given no less than 60 days before the departure date of the trip. Grasshopper Adventures will return all money paid for the trip cost. Grasshopper Adventures are not liable for any other money paid, including flight ticket purchases. Please note this excludes cancellations due to conditions outside Grasshopper Adventures control such as war, natural disaster, political instability, etc. In such an event no money will be returned by Grasshopper Adventures and you will need to make a claim on your travel insurance. 

It is required that a bicycle helmet be worn by all cyclists when riding a bicycle throughout a Grasshopper Self-guided Tour. Failure to wear a helmet will result in the customer not being allowed to cycle as a part of the tour program. 

Grasshopper Adventures reserves the right to change advertised itineraries before or during a tour in the interests of safety resulting from war, disease, natural disaster, safety, or changed local conditions. The Grasshopper Adventures representative has the right to make any necessary changes to the itinerary for the reasons listed. Any client not adhering to changes made for these reasons will be deemed to have left the tour and is no longer under the care of Grasshopper Adventures. 

It is a condition of participating in a Grasshopper Self-guided Tour that each traveller holds travel insurance for the duration of the trip. Insurance must include comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation. Your travel insurance details will be checked by a Grasshopper Adventures staff member on arrival at the starting point hotel. > Read more about Travel Insurance here...

Personal Responsibility
Due to the nature of the locations where Grasshopper Adventures operate, Grasshopper Adventures and their guides, leaders, and support staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced from the time of departure to the time of return arising out of any such adventure trip organised by Grasshopper Adventures. 

Privacy Statement
Some of the the personal information Grasshopper Adventures collects with your booking may be provided to third party suppliers. This will only be done where required for legal reasons (e.g. booking flight tickets, hotel bookings or permits in some countries). Your email address will not be shared with anyone. 

Acceptance of Conditions
By payment of your booking deposit you agree to the terms and conditions as read.