Why Grasshopper Adventures?

Grasshopper Adventures embodies the true spirit of adventure travel.

For over 12 years Grasshopper Adventures has provided active and authentic travel experiences, and we now operate in 16 countries across Asia. Our bike tours offer a unique blend of physical challenge and cultural immersion, and our carefully crafted itineraries will ensure you truly experience a destination and gain an honest understanding of everything that makes it unique.  

Because we’re passionate travellers ourselves, we understand exactly what you’re looking for in a travel adventure: authentic cross-cultural connections, meaningful journeys, and the perfect balance of comfort and excitement. Our innovative bike tours, experienced staff and the specific insights they bring will help take you off the beaten path and into the rich fabric of local life.

But what else sets Grasshopper Adventures apart?

Positive Impact

Travel With a Conscience...

Grasshopper is committed to having a positive impact on the people, the communities and the environment of the countries we visit. Many of our tours involve projects that give back in a variety of ways, and we partner with local organisations to ensure good relationships and promote guest interactions. We also use bio-diesel in our support vehicles, and we're always aiming for the smallest carbon footprint possible. 


Young Company, Old Hands...

Grasshopper comprises of an assortment of people who have traveled, lived and worked in Asia for many years. Subsequently we have "been there, done that." We want to take our customers to some of the out-of-the-way places that we love, and share Asia's favourite landmarks with you from a new perspective. Since we launched in 2004 we have had over 8,500 people join our tours each year! 


Quality Service, Excellent Value...

At Grasshopper it is our philosophy to provide excellent value without compromising on comfort or service. We work together with local businesses to offer you competitive pricing and the best selection for your itinerary. When we design a tour, we’re committed to offering tailor-made experiences, first-rate support and quality bikes and equipment. We don't begin with a target price in mind. Rather we craft the tour as we believe it should be, and then adjust the price accordingly.


Personal, Timely, Passionate...

We take pride in having a service-oriented team that is committed to creating superior travel experiences. Our bikes are expertly maintained, the accommodation we use is purposefully selected, and our knowledgeable staff are guaranteed to give you the most accurate information about our tours and the conditions of traveling in their country. We strive to anticipate our guests' needs and wants and to facilitate genuine, cross-cultural connections.  


Pure, Independent Rides in Asia...

Grasshopper Self-guided tours are designed for those truly independent explorers. If you and your travel partners are more adventurous, or simply want to explore and discover new places on your own, our Self-guided tours are the answer! These custom built tours are well planned and fully supported by our team. This means you can focus on the joys of cycling without having to worry about hotel reservations or anything else. We take care of all your bookings, prepare a suggested route and we will even transport your baggage between hotels. GPS trackers and the Self-guided app will ensure you stay safe and will enable you to monitor your route and your pace.

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Asia's Best Bike Tours...

Grasshopper Adventures also offer guided bike tours in 16 countries across Asia. These are accompanied by our first-rate tour guides, selected not just for their cycling ability but also for their love, passion, and experience. All of our local guides speak fluent English and can show you their countries from a unique perspective. They have specialised knowledge on the local customs, history, nature and landmarks that you'll encounter along the way. For larger groups, a mechanic will join the tour so that your bike is well cared for. An excellent way to gain an insight into the people and culture of Asia and meet fellow adventurers.

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