How Does It Work?

Grasshopper Self-guided handles all the hassle of travel for you
so that you can focus on the independent riding experience. 

High-end hotels, luggage transfer and top-of-the-line Lynskey Cooper titanium bikes, we cover everything you need so that you can focus on the riding experience. Take a look at the video above to get an idea of how our Self-guided cycling tours work. We've also provided a more detailed summary below.

> You can also learn about our bikes and other high-tech gear here.

Briefing and Fitting

From the moment you arrive in your destination, a Grasshopper Adventures vehicle will meet you and accompany you to your hotel. Before you embark upon your adventure, one of our expert team members will discuss safety protocols with you and introduce you to your Lynskey Cooper titanium bike. They will also teach you how to use the emergency GPS trackers, the supplied iPad and the Grasshopper Self-guided app. You can use this app to monitor your route, locate your hotel, discover points of interest along the way or even visit our recommended restaurants.

Pure, Independent Riding

When you are ready, it's time to set off on your journey! You can cycle at your own pace, stop whenever and wherever you like and have your own adventures. Don't worry about getting lost. Our GPS tracking and the Grasshopper Self-guided app can help you get back on your route at any time.

Hotels and Luggage

We arrange all hotels and accommodation along your route and confirm your reservation with the staff before you arrive. You just simply follow the directions on the Grasshopper Self-guided app to locate your hotel at the end of each day. Staff will be waiting to greet you and your luggage will be waiting in your room. Upon check out, your bags are transported to your next hotel via a network of secure transfer vehicles. 

Safety and Security

In the event of a breakdown or emergency situation, we have several modes of communication with you. Your iPad is equipped to communicate with your support team and GPS tracking can also be employed to send a support vehicle to your location for assistance. All of our staff are certified in First Aid, plus we have an excellent team of mechanics to help out should you ever encounter a problem with your bike.