Sophisticated cities and charming rural villages, well-surfaced roads that meander through picturesque scenery... There is no better way to get to know Thailand than by bicycle.  


Thailand is a popular cycling destination and deservedly so. The smooth roads are lined with dense foliage or undulating coastline. Rolling hills are interspersed by paddy fields and rural flatlands. Crumbling, ancient ruins and Buddhist temples abound… And after a solid day in the saddle, you can refuel with some of the flavourful cuisine that Thailand is renowned for.

With terrain to suit riders of all abilities and tastes, get off the beaten path and discover ‘The Land of Smiles’ unseen by the tourist hordes.  


Self-guided Tours in Thailand

Take a look at our Self-guided tours in Thailand.

Cycle Thailand Coast to Coast - Classic Itinerary

The term 'Southern Thailand' evokes different images and ideas for different people, but for cyclists it means enjoyable riding on well-made and traffic-free roads, along beautiful coastline and through scenic national parks. All fuelled by some delicious Thai food. 


Cycle Thailand Coast to Coast - Epic Itinerary

Are you an experienced cyclist looking for more of a challenge? This variation of our Classic route will take you across the country from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea, along rural back roads and beside spectacular coastline. This route is best suited to fit riders looking to cover greater distances. 

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Quick Facts


Currency: Thai Baht

Population: Approx. 67 million


Highest Point: 2,565 m

Land Area: 514,000 sq km


Capital City: Bangkok

Main Religion: Buddhism


Time Zone: GMT +7

Language: Thai


Main International Airports:
Bangkok (BKK)
Chiang Mai (CNX)
Phuket (HKT)
Koh Samui (USM)

Weather and Climate

Coolest: November to February

Hottest: March to May

Wettest: June to October

Driest: December to March

Our favourite times: December to January and July to August

Most regions of Thailand have a humid, tropical climate for the majority of the year. The areas north of Bangkok have a climate determined by three seasons, while the southern peninsular region only has two.

In northern Thailand the seasons are the cold season, the hot season and the rainy season. The months from November to February are the coolest and are therefore referred to as the 'cold season'. During this time it can actually get quite chilly in the far north. The hot season starts in March and lasts until May. The rainy season is from May to November and is dominated by the southwest monsoon, during which time rainfall in the north is at its heaviest.

The southern region of Thailand really only has two seasons - the wet and the dry. These seasons run at opposite times on the east and west side of the peninsula, with the west coast receiving heavy rains (and sometimes storms) from April to October, while on the east coast most rain falls between September and December.


When Is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?
Generally speaking, the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February when the northeast monsoon is blowing cool, dry air that serves as respite from the heat. During this cool season, the temperature ranges from 18°C to 32°C in Bangkok.

The summer period, or hot and dry season, is from March to May. At this time temperatures in Bangkok average around 34°C, but can often reach 40°C with humidity levels of 75%. Bring an extra T-shirt if you won't make it back to the hotel before dinner!

Try and avoid April, unless you plan to be permanently submerged in the ocean or are coming specifically for the Songkran festival, because this is the hottest month across the country.

The monsoon falls from July to October, when most of Thailand's annual rainfall is accumulated and flooding can ravage the country. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29°C in a steamy Bangkok. Still, it rarely rains all day long as it does in many temperate places. The tropical rains tend to be fast and heavy before they clear up.

The monsoon finishes when the wind direction changes, bringing dry weather from the northeast. At best this season can be described as unpredictable and not the constant downpour of rain that you may expect.


Thailand Highlights

Some of our favourite places visit, things to do and foods to eat.


The 'City of Angels' is one of the world’s iconic mega cities. It is a multifaceted city where the modern and ancient co-exist. From the sleepy residential canals to the fast paced shopping district, the ornate Royal Palace to the gleaming skyscrapers. Few cities in the world can compete with Bangkok when it comes to food and shopping - Thai food is world-renowned and for the avid foodie this diverse city offers an array of international cuisines. Shopping in Bangkok encompasses everything from street vendors and back alley markets, to fashion boutiques and huge, world-class shopping malls.

Chiang Mai

Situated at the base of northern Thailand's forested hills, Chiang Mai is a 700 year old city that contains a historic old town encompassed by a sprawling, modern metropolis. Within the moats and vestiges of its original city walls you'll find an array of ancient temples, guesthouses, shops, cafes and restaurants. The perfect place to relax and recharge, Chiang Mai offers numerous activities to fill your time including outdoor recreation, cultural sightseeing, day/night markets, live music, cooking classes, yoga and meditation retreats.

Fields and Forest

Thailand abounds with national parks, forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. The Western Forest Complex is one of the largest corridors of protected forest in Southeast Asia, with wild elephants and tigers plus the Gaur (a type of wild cattle) still to be found there.

The Thai countryside is charming and astounding at the same time, with rice paddies stretching off into the horizon and fruit orchards offering an abundance of delicious delicacies.

Ancient Cities

The course of history has left its mark on Thailand, with the remnants and ruins of several kingdoms and empires just waiting to be explored. Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the first capital that the Europeans came to know. Today it is a small provincial town where you can wander and wonder amongst the vestiges within the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Similarly Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 14th centuries and today the ruins of this cradle of civilisation are well preserved in the UNESCO listed Sukhothai Historical Park.

Sunny Beaches

With three long coastlines, plus forested islands set within a tropical blue sea, Thailand is a world-renowned destination for the hedonist and the beachcomber, the jet-setter and the backpacker. Whether you spend your time diving in the Tarutao Islands, enjoying a full moon party on Koh Phangan, cliff scaling in Krabi, or blissed-out with some yoga on Koh Samui - Thailand has something for everybody. From the little known Koh Phayam, to the protected Koh Surin, the glitz and glamor of Phuket, or the turquoise Andaman Coast... you’re bound to find your island paradise here!   

Self-guided Tours in Thailand

Take a look at our Self-guided bike tours in Thailand.