Vietnam has a vibrant bike culture and diverse terrain, making it the ultimate road trip for adventure-seeking riders. 


Whether you’re climbing the dramatic mountains of the north, touring the Mekong flood plains in the south, or cruising along the lengthy coastline dotted with spectacular beaches… Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and diverse destinations for cyclists.

With its terraced paddy fields and vibrant cities, rich cultural heritage and inquisitive locals, Vietnam also boasts an assortment of foods and flavours to compliment its breathtaking natural beauty.


Self-guided Tours in Vietnam

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Ride the Vietnam Ocean Road - Classic Itinerary

With varied terrain to keep the ride interesting, quiet back roads through charming village communities, ancient towns and bustling cities, all within sight of the beach - as far as amazing riding goes, it's hard to beat the coast of Vietnam.

Ride the Vietnam Ocean Road - Epic Itinerary

Take a challenging but rewarding journey along seemingly endless stretches of coastline. Ride through traditional fishing villages and historic cities, across rice fields and mountainous valleys. A good ride for cycle enthusiasts who wish to cover greater distances.


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Quick Facts


Currency: Dong

Population: Approx. 90 million


Highest Point: 3,143 m

Land Area: 331,210 sq km


Capital City: Hanoi

Main Religion: Ancestor Worship


Time Zone: GMT +7

Language: Vietnamese 


Main International Airports:
Hanoi (HAN)
Saigon (SGN)
Danang (DAD)

Weather and Climate

Coolest: November to February  
Hottest: March to June

Wettest: Varies regionally           
Driest: Varies regionally

Our favourites times: Any time! 

Being 1650km from north to south, Vietnam's seasons vary across the country making it a year round destination. This also means that you will probably encounter rain at some stage if you are travelling extensively, regardless of your month of travel.

Northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Ha Giang and Sapa) is cold in the winter months (November to March), and can be damp and misty, although there are also beautifully sunny days at this time of year.

The central region (Hoi An, Hue & Nha Trang) is wettest from September to December with occasional typhoons, which can sometimes disrupt travel.

The south experiences the regular Southeast Asian monsoon between June and October, with dry sunny weather from November to April. December and January are the coolest months with temperatures rising during April and May leading to the onset of the rains.

Vietnam Highlights

Some of our favourite places visit, things to do and foods to eat.

The Big Cities: Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

It’s not easy choosing which end of Vietnam to visit, so we recommend both! Hanoi in the north has protected most of its historic, French colonial past and tends towards modest commercial development, while in the south Saigon embraces more of a highrise style of modern construction with towering new buildings now dotting the landscape. Both cities exude charm, showcase their history well and retain pride in their wonderful culinary traditions.

Historical Hoi An

Hoi An is Vietnam’s most talked about destination, now recognised internationally for its food, architecture and spectacular scenery. The ancient city centre is a UNESCO protected site and throughout the region gentle landscapes and friendly locals make this a paradise for tourists and cyclists. With a beach thrown in for good measure, this is truly a destination for travellers of all ages.

The Mekong Delta

With its flat yet stunningly beautiful landscapes, the Mekong Delta is a biking paradise. Fields of rice paddies, fruit orchards, flocks of ducks and endless vegetable farms are the backdrop to shady paved roadways and canal paths. The Delta is also known for its floating markets and handcrafted arts, with foods and flavours to tempt young and old alike. 

Northern Highlands and Villages

Steep, verdant hillsides and numerous ethnic tribes create a colourful backdrop for any visit to the north of Vietnam. Sapa has traditionally been the destination for visiting hill-tribe villages, with its colourful markets and spectacular setting in the shadow of Fansipan, Vietnam's highest mountain, although the region of the Ha Giang Plateau is becoming increasingly popular with its stunning scenery and off-the-beaten-track feel.

Halong Bay 

With emerald seas studded with towering limestone and jungle-clad cliffs, Ha Long Bay rightfully deserves its reputation as one of the world’s most spectacular seascapes. Cruising around the islands and exploring their many caves is one of the highlights of any visit to Vietnam. Although we don't visit Halong Bay as part of our cycling itineraries, Grasshopper Adventures tailors pre and post-trip extensions to this UNESCO protected region in cooperation with the best overnight boat companies.

Self Guided Tours in Vietnam

Take a look at some of our Self-guided bike tours in Vietnam.